Attic Insulation

Whether you're building a new home or remodeling an existing home, investing in attic ventilation is the smartest choice for the longevity of your Cincinnati roof. It's essentially the lungs of your home, letting the moisture-dense air out and allowing fresh air to fill your attic space. Let's dive into attic ventilation and the many benefits it can have for your home and the air you breathe.

What is Attic and Roof Ventilation?

Attic or roof ventilation is a system of strategically placed vents along your roof or soffits to allow air to escape the attic space. The concept is that the hot air that rises from your living space can escape, reducing the moisture content in your roof. This allows the space to completely dry out instead of causing condensation to build up and damage the infrastructure of your home.

Types of Attic Ventilation Systems

When assessing the type of attic ventilation system your Cincinnati home needs, weighing all the options is important. Attic vents can be located on the ridge of your roof or scattered across the roof strategically. These are the two most popular choices for Southwest Ohio homes during a new roof construction or roof replacement.

Many experienced roofing companies may suggest ridge vents because they're seamlessly integrated into the roofing material and blend into the design. Roof vents are different because they physically stick out of the roof and can be considered an eye-sore to many homeowners. However, roof vents do offer the highest level of ventilation and can be upgraded to electronic fan systems for ultimate airflow.

Benefits of Attic Ventilation in Cincinnati

The benefits of attic ventilation are numerous and can even prolong the lifespan of your entire home. Once you weigh your options, your professional roofing company should go over the following benefits with you before installation:

  • Prevent Mold Growth: Adding airflow to your roof and attic space will minimize any chances of mold growth or musty smells by keeping the space dry. This will also maximize indoor air quality, producing a safer living space for your family.
  • Prevent Water Damage: Without attic ventilation, heated or air-conditioned air gets trapped in your attic and allows condensation to build up. With attic vents, that hot or cold air can escape and your roof will stay dry all winter and summer.
  • Prevent Ice Dams: In the winter, the heat that rises to your attic will cause snow to melt off your roof and form ice dams along the edges of your roofing. With proper attic ventilation, your roof will expel hot air and prevent catastrophic ice dams from forming.

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