Roof Storm Damage

A quality roof is one of the most important features of a home. As the first line of defense, your roof protects your house and your family from dangerous storm damage. When a storm hits your roof, it’s important to act immediately to prevent further damage from occurring. Take a look at some of the ways you can identify and address storm damage on your roof.

Signs of Roof Storm Damage

If you live in Southeast Ohio, you know the dangers of flash floods, strong winds, and sudden hail. But which precautions do you need to take to keep your home well-protected? Some signs of roofing damage are easy to spot by the untrained eye such as missing shingles, discoloration, and fallen debris. However, each type of storm can cause varying types of damage to your home.

Heavy Rain

Even after a rainstorm passes, it can continue to cause problems with your roof’s foundation. Heavy rain can lead to mold, rot, and other dangerous effects of moisture build-up. Some signs of heavy rain damage include:

  • Cracked or Curled Shingles
  • Loose Shingles or Debris
  • Granule Loss
  • Overfilled Gutters
  • Attic or Ceiling Leaks


Strong hailstorms cause impact-related damage to your home’s exterior. As large ice balls hit your home, it can cause:

  • Bruised Shingles
  • Cracked or Loose Shingles
  • Exposed Underlayment
  • Dents to Shingles and Gutters


As snow accumulates in the winter months, it’s important to routinely clean off build-up. As heavy snow piles up, it can lead to:

  • Attic or Pipe Leaks
  • Sagging Seams
  • Cracking Noises
  • Ice Dams

Strong Winds

Strong winds are one of the most common factors of roof damage. Once winds reach speeds of 50-60 mph, they can cause your roof to fall apart. After a strong windstorm, you can check for:

  • Fallen Trees or Debris
  • Missing Shingles
  • Curled Shingles
  • Crumbling or Loose Materials
  • Wrinkled Surface on Flat Roofs

Schedule a Post-Storm Inspection with a Trusted Southeast Ohio Roofing Company

One of the best ways to protect your home is with a proper roof inspection. A trained roofing contractor can provide a thorough inspection and protect your home from future damage. Eagleye Roofing is Southeast Ohio’s most trusted roofing company. Our storm damage specialists can complete detailed inspections and quotes for any repairs or roof replacement services. Give us a call today, or complete our online form, to get started!